Html5 App Development

Html5 Application Development

HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 is a next generation front-end user interface technology. It’s not merely a new technical specification allowing developers to solve technical problems easier; it's a definite game changer in the approach to website development, which provides a competitive advantage to businesses that opt to use HTML5 today.

HTML5 enables cross-platform development for a variety of mobile devices. Kazma Technology builds cross-platform HTML5 applications that can be run across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, thanks to our deep knowledge of both new standards and

specialized HTML5 frameworks such as:

  • Sencha and Sencha Touch
  • jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • jQTouch
  • Kendo UI

Combining the strengths of these platforms with our design experience we create iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android HTML5 applications that have a native look and feel and usability.

At Kazma Technology we know HTML5 features which might not be yet part of the official specification yet, but are already supported by the majority of modern browsers. These features provide additional benefits to your business in a timely manner. With their help the following apps can be built:

  • Offline HTML5 applications using Local Storage
  • Real-time applications using Web Sockets/Web Workers/WebRT
  • Applications supporting File System APIs/Hardware access
  • Graphics/Multimedia/WebGLapplications Additionally, we are familiar with typical issues faced by enterprises when updating a legacy front end to HTML5.

We help CTOs to apply cost-effective solutions for the following tasks:

  • Conversion of legacy applications to mobile versions
  • Creation of HTML5-compatible back-end API
  • Separation of business logic from the presentation layer (interface)
  • Mashing up data from several applications

However, sometimes even the latest and greatest technologies can’t guarantee a successful application. But we understand that a great user experience is key to any application’s success. Kazma Technology understands the value of using the best User Interface Design practices.

Our UI specialists design HTML5 mobile applications following best practices of simple user experience:

  • Great user experience comes from end users working closely with strategy, design, and technology specialists
  • Experience is what users want, and we provide
  • Focus on viable features only
  • Engage designers early
Besides aforementioned great advantages, HTML5 has additional security features which will help your business with:
  • Storage and DOM variables protection
  • API and protocol attack prevention
  • Cross-site scripting with attributes, tags and events
  • CSRF with XHR and CORS bypass
  • Web socket issues
  • Browser SQL Points
  • Click/CORS/tabs Jacking
Overall, Kazma Technology is the right Agile vendor for:
  • HTML5 Application Design and Development
  • HTML5 Desktop Application Development
  • HTML5 iPhone Application Development
  • HTML5 iPad Application Development
  • HTML5 Android Application Development
  • Legacy Front-End to HTML5 Migration
  • Flash to HTML5 Migration

HTML5 & CSS3 Development

Developing rich immersive web applications using HTML 5/CSS 3 on mobile & desktop browsers.

When Steve Jobs launched iADs with Toy Story commercial, it gave an inkling of what the web is going to look like in future. Evolving multimedia and smart devices have been pushing companies to endorse the next version of web using HTML 5. HTML5 Development has been helping companies create engaging user experience like never before.

Many Companies have taken the bold step of abandoning Flash and Silverlight altogether looking at the definite promise of HTML 5 & CSS 3. It is probably the iPad and other smart devices that have ushered in the era of HTML5 sooner than what we thought it would take. Although HTML 5 specifications are still evolving, but this is very significant due to the changed approach towards web, of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and now Adobe.

With the evolving computing platforms, HTML5 Development enables the content creator to present a new user experience on the web browsers without the hassles of plug-ins and with greater cross-compatibility on compliant browsers. With feature rich syntactical tags to handle multimedia and graphics content, the dependency on proprietary plug-ins, APIs is reduced.

Our years of experience in mobile application development makes adopting the handheld devices a cost effective option for organizations that would like their business to benefit from the next generation technology.

You can leverage Kazma Technology’s rich experience in CSS3, Mobile Website & HTML 5 Development to embrace modern web standards for your business with ease. Our expertise encompasses following key areas:

Touch Enabling Web Offerings:

Mobile web applications need special considerations during HTML5 Development. Our professional UI designers & HTML5 developers can help you develop HTML5 web applications optimized to take advantage of the device form factor & functionality. If required we even try extending the platform specific look & feel to the HTML 5 application.

Porting Existing Software/Product to HTML 5

Our HTML5 Developers can help in re-engineering key offerings of your existing product into a HTML5 based application & take advantage of the form factor of iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets and Windows Phone. /WP7 Smart Phones, iPad / Android Tablets.

Cross Browser Compatible HTML 5 Mobile/Desktop Web Applications:

Kazma Technology can help you in developing cross platform compatible web applications.

Offline HTML 5 Applications:

Running a web application in offline mode without data connectivity is a completely new paradigm in web applications. With deep expertise in developing disconnected applications, Our HTML5 Developers can help in Engineering Offline Web applications (using web storage) to ensure continued access to your HTML 5 web application.