IPad App Development

IPad App Development

IPad App Development

Step into the promising market of enterprise computing. Make an iPad app with Kazma Technology!

Apple’s iPad remains one of the most popular consumer devices – iPad app development is the ideal way to reach your target audience, particularly if you’re marketing to consumers and not business users. Our iPad app development solutions take you from zero to full rollout without any stress or confusion, and our iPad application development company truly makes a difference not only in the design and build process, but in your total experience.

After taking painstaking efforts to create your business the next question is how to promote it? If you have not been living in a cave in the past decade, you must have noticed this phone with a half-eaten fruit on its back, and all the fame to its name “iPhone”. With over 6,00,000 apps wrestling for a corner in the App Store you just can’t afford to leave the business of iPhone App development to some layman.

Go Native – iPad App Development

You might wonder why you should invest in a native app when you can design a mobile site just as easily. Actually, a significant percentage of consumers report they prefer to use a native app on their device than to access a mobile website. Giving them what they want is vital, and with our iPad application development company, it’s simpler than you might have thought.

Why Choose Kazma Technology for Your iPad App Development?

When it comes to iPad app development, you’re certainly not short on choices. What makes Kazma Technology the ideal partner for your development needs? We believe that our key differences lie in a few specific areas:

  • Our Team – No iPad application development company can offer robust, industry-leading, innovative solutions and services without an amazing team. That’s what we’ve assembled. They’re results-driven and technology obsessed. Our team is comprised of industry veterans with years of experience in iPad app development, testing, design and more. Our large team allows us to do everything in house. We never outsource. That lowers the costs to you, and ensures that you’re dealing with an end-to-end provider.
  • Our Services – Another reason that Kazma Technology stands out from other iPad app development companies is our range of services. We offer strategy, design and development, but we don’t stop there. We can also promote your app and ensure that it gains the traction necessary for visibility and success in Apple’s App Store, and through other outlets that drive traffic to the App Store. No iPad app can be successful without the right plan underpinning its rollout and lifespan, and that’s what Kazma Technology offers. We’re with you for the life of your app and beyond.

Polished and Designed for the iOS Environment

Our native iPad app development services ensure that your app is polished, flawless and capable of taking advantage of the features offered by iOS. Not only that, but we also ensure that your app maximizes the use of available hardware – Apple’s iPad continually pushes new boundaries in terms of hardware and functionality, and those can provide you with the means to build a truly unique app when leveraged correctly. That’s where Kazma Technology comes in. From harnessing the ability of the accelerometer to the new capabilities introduced with each successive iOS generation, Kazma Technology is your iPad app development company.

Customized iPad application development solutions to cater your unique app requirements

With having an extensive experience of developing iPad Applications, Our expert iPad programmers and application architects help you in bringing your creative idea or your favorite applications a life and success on App Store. We strive hard for the perfection and to exceed the expectations by our creative designs and expert engineering where most of the iPad Apps were with extensive backend web development.

At Kazma Technology, as the name spells, we specialize in developing creativity for your Apps. We call our development center as Studio, where we profess and practice optimum utilization of resources and with a highly experienced bunch of expert programmers we have an amazing track record of coming up with great results in iPad Applications. Kazma Technology provides a complete and integrated process to help you develop and distribute your free, commercial, or in-house applications for iPad and iPod touch on the Apple App Store with 100% guaranteed On Time and On Budget delivery. We have rich expertise in developing iPad application in following categories:

  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • GPS Based Real Time Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • 2D Gaming/Game Center Apps
  • Barcode Scanner based Apps
  • Address Book Based Applications
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Location based Application
  • Finance/Banking Application
  • Calendar based Apps
  • Video/Audio Streaming Apps
  • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
  • City guide/ Compass Based Apps
  • Admob, iAd based Apps

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Our Process

At Kazma Technology, our iPad app development process begins not with technical schematics or diagrams, but with a discussion. We discuss your goals, your needs and your budget. We talk about your target audience, and only when we have a firm idea of what you hope to achieve and how we’ll do that does our iPad app developer team go to work designing your app. We’re different. We’re an iPad app development company that’s about building YOUR success.

Outsource iPad Application Development

Pad Applications are achieving unprecedented download levels – fuelled by the runaway success of Apple App Store. Interest in mobile applications continues to increase. This presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies with great new iPad application ideas. Larger organizations and companies with established products will also greatly benefit by extending their applications and products to run on iPad. If you are looking to outsource iPad App Development, you need to hire our professional iPad developer. Having developed iPad applications for our Clients, our team of experienced iPad developers can help you with:

Native iPad Application Development

To get the maximum leverage out of iPad we can help you with developing native iPad applications.

iPad Application Development for Web

iPad web applications need special considerations while developing. Our professional iPad developer can help you develop the iPad web application that is optimized for Safari on iPad , having the same look & feel and are designed to perform well even under low-bandwidth.

Porting existing software product / Application to iPad

You can reap significant benefits like reaching new users base, getting productivity gains etc. by making your existing applications and products available on iPad . By leveraging our India based offshore iPad application development team we can quickly port your existing applications/products to iPad in a very cost effective manner.

Geo Location Application Development for iPad

We draw from our experience of building geographic location based applications, to help our Clients with iPad development of applications that make use of user's geographic location.

Augmented Reality iPad Application Development

By making use of the camera, GPS and digital compass available in iPad our iPad developer can perform sophisticated iPad programming and create augmented reality applications for you, taking user interactivity with your iPad application to a new level.

Mobile Advertising and Monetization

Kazma Technology can help you not only with iPad App development, but also with monetizing the traffic to your iPad App by integrating advertisements from various mobile ad networks. Hence, we enable you to make money even while offering free iPad Applications. We can also help you to maximize the ad revenue and ad fill rate in your iPad App by implementing an ad optimizer platform like Smaato.

In App Purchase

A large majority of iPad Applications available on the Apple App Store are free iPad Applications. Instead of relying solely on mobile advertising revenue, implementing in app purchase in your iPad App gives you the flexibility to support a variety of business models. Our experienced iPad app developer can help you with iPad application programming using the store kit framework for implementing in app purchase.

Analytics for iPad Applications

We can help you make more informed decisions about revenue models and user experiences on your iPad Application, by implementing industry leading mobile analytics from Flurry/Pinch Media. You can get insights into how consumers use your iPad Application. You can get aggregated usage and performance data, as well as robust reporting and analysis tools. With this data, you can identify issues and opportunities, create a more informed product roadmap, increase retention and grow the user base for your iPad Applications.

iPad Testing

Application testing for mobile devices needs special skill set. Our QA Testing team has rich experience in mobile testing / wireless testing. Our India based offshore Mobile Application Testing team can help you with thorough end-to-end ipad testing.

iAds & HTML 5 Development

iAds gives application developers/owner and brands access to the global audience of iPad & iPod touch users, enhanced targeting, premium creative and robust measurement. This coupled with iPad support for HTML5 presents a whole new opportunity for advertising. Kazma Technology can help you in creating interactive ads with advanced graphics, animations, transitions etc. using HTML5, to run on iAds.

Hire iPad Developers

Kazma Technology is recognized as a leading outsourced iPad app development company catering clients’ worldwide. We are actively developing mobile apps for last 10 years and serving high quality apps for various business domains over the years. We have developed iPad apps successfully and achieved intensive knowledge & experience in complex iPad application development. iOS is a complex platform and developing apps for iPad needs creativity and out of the box thinking. Here we offer custom iPad app development services for our clients worldwide that can easily fit to their budget and can fulfill their expectations.

iPad devices are famous among users and now their applications are achieving unpredictable downloads from the Apple app stores. iPad has proven itself as a multipurpose device that can fit for any vertical or industry. Business, education, health and many other sectors are some of the examples, where iPad has proven its worthiness. Due to this vast scope and possibilities most of the companies and entrepreneurs are taking interest on iPad application development. By extending applications and products to run on iPad, many large organizations and companies can take great benefits.

At Kazma Technology, We have an expert team of iPad app developers who can take new challenges and work accordingly to achieve success. Our iPad developers are highly skilled and experienced for developing cutting edge iPad apps for our offshore clients.

User Experience & Visual Design

Our award-winning team of dedicated user experience experts has designed some of popular mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows phone. With in-depth knowledge of iOS and Android specific UX conventions, our goal is to make every app intuitive and easy to use, while integrating with the latest technologies to create innovative and effective products. Our in-house team of visual designers has designed mobile apps for some of biggest brands, while also leading the industry in best practices design methods for mobile app development.