Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Research and Development Services

At Kazma Technology, we offer RoR Research and Development consultancy, specializing in aiding those enterprises looking to improve their market share. Our services help to enhance a company's product list taking into account the fluctuating nature of emerging technologies and the changing needs of the market.

Services on offer from Kazma include:

  • Technical support for our products
  • Training in the use of our products including user manuals
  • Deployment and design of the product
  • The installation and set-up

Kazma's certified professionals listen to clients in order that we can understand specific needs, and help to develop products from the ground up. . The experience and knowledge that Kazma has gained through RoR product development for past clients provides current and future clients with:

  • Our expert knowledge of standards, regulations and understanding of local needs
  • We "map the gap" between a market and a product; we strive for product idea development and functionality and broaden applicability of said product in other domains
  • Our knowledge of services such as standards compliance and Linux porting, support for local as well as international standards, ascertaining whether the product is web-enabled. We also offer FPGA development and more.
  • We increase availability of platforms and the OS availability, enhance features and broaden the quality and performance, usability and security of all products
  • A critical expertise of Ruby on Rails

Innovation is the key to long-term viability as it keeps any technology business competitive in a ruthless industry – you want to keep your old customers coming back and to attract new business too. Kazma's Product Sustenance Services will help you stay ahead of your competitors. Your own engineers can focus on innovation while Kazma engineers manage your non-core activities: product release management, feature enhancement or resolving other production issues. Taking advantage of our technical expertise reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ruby on Rails Research and Development Benefits:

  • Enhanced Product Innovation: As Kazma Technology handles all aspects of routine sustainability, your engineers and management team members are released from these mundane activities allowing them to work on innovations that yield long term benefit and growth
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: The engineering work takes place offshore resulting in substantial savings
  • Enhanced Response Time: Collaboration between Kazma's and your own engineers reduces response time
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Our problem-solving strategies ensure a stable, creatively-developed product line
  • On-Time Delivery of Quality Products and Services: Some of our previous clients are household names; this demonstrates our reliability within the industry and specifically with RoR - ruby on rails research and development

For All RoR products, the Kazma Product Sustainability Services includes:

  • L-3 sustainability service bug fixing
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Maintenance and testing
  • Release management needs


The Kazma Product Service does not include L1 (call center) and L2 (TAC) as standard but these services can be obtained at additional cost in response to your needs.

The service includes "mature" products (where there are several releases on the market) and "sunset" products (products no longer in development). Our offshore team can seamlessly integrate our service into your existing portfolio

The Kazma Technology is a framework of program management which includes definitions and responsibilities of the role, the scope of the project, planning and tracking and continuous improvement through ruby on rails research. Regular status updates provide utmost transparency regarding performance of our offshore team. Check out our Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Services.